Friday, January 31, 2014

So much to say

I have found it more and more difficult to find time to post although there are so many things to write about! Kate and Wright turned 4 November 9th and we celebrated in Disney World! MOST MAGICAL TRIP! We made the decision to leave sweet Bennett with grannie which allowed him so one on one bonding time without having super long days at all the Disney parks. We missed him, but it was the best decision. We were busy at the parks, meeting the princesses, enjoying rides, parades, pools and more princesses!

Kate and Wright are so great with Bennett. They both talk about all the things they plan to teach him and they get so excited playing with him. He LOVES them and gets so excited when they play with him!

Our 4 year check up went great. Both healthy and growing up too quickly!
Wright continues to be about 8 lbs heavier and 2 inches taller than Kate.

They both enjoy school although Kate more than Wright. We had our first parent/teacher conference and they are both doing great! Wright did not recognize all his letters (he makes the sounds and knows all of them) and when asked his reply was, "My mom knows that letter, but hasn't told me yet"
He is too funny!

Kate received a dazzling dolphin on Monday for being so caring. When showing her wallet at show and tell she told her class that the money in her wallet was for the offering at church. So sweet!

Wright has been asking lots of questions about knowing God and meeting Jesus. He inquires a lot about love and asks so many questions. We love his active, inquisitive mind.

Bennett is crawling everywhere and walks around furniture. He has also started making lots of sounds! we think it sounds like mama and baba. He now has 6 teeth!

Friday, January 17, 2014


Kate and Wright were asked by their teacher, Mrs. Bryan, what they are thankful for and to draw a picture. She then shared these with the class at their Thanksgiving Feast.
We will always treasure these!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bennett Dedication

On Sunday, November 3rd we dedicated Bennett at East Cooper Baptist Church. Will and I are so blessed with the gift of raising this sweet, cuddly, bright eyed boy.  We made a public commitment among family and friends to raise him to know and serve Jesus Christ.  It was such a special day for our family. I loved standing before our congregation with Will and my three children making our public commitment!

We hosted lunch afterwards at our home. We had 19 children age ranging from 6 weeks to 13 years old. So much fun to see all the kids together! So thankful for great families that traveled and friends to share our day with us.
Especially thankful for my dad who drove all day to celebrate with his namesake.

Our pastor, Buster Brown, presenting Bennett to the congregation

Guest of honor

Will with sweet Kate

Grannie with darling Wright

Family Photo!

Dinkins and Palmer cousins 

Dinkins and Tillman cousins

Friday, October 4, 2013

Bennett is 6 months old!

Bennett has brought our family so much joy! He is such a sweet, happy, loving baby boy! We had a good dr's appointment and he enjoyed showing Dr. Graham all his tricks. Bennett, like his brother, loves to jump in his activity jumper. LOVES to jump! He has done great with solids and seems to like most everything except spinach and avocado. He doesn't sit still for long and is very interested in grabbing anything he can get his hands on. He is sleeping well and has done amazing with all of our transitions as we completed building our home. He rolls around to get where he wants to be and when on his tummy starts to scoot. I don't think I have much longer until he is all over the place!

 6 month appointment:
17 lbs 6 oz and  27 inches long

This picture makes me laugh! Wright was "loving" on Bennett

Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Big Adventure

This is at least what we are calling the past 6 weeks.  Our kiddos have been extraordinary through so many transitions. We moved out of our house mid August after 7 years. Lots of beautiful memories at that home. Most importantly that is where Will and I brought all of our babies home.  The kids and I then spent the next three weeks with my parents in Watkinsville, Ga. It was hard to be away from Will, but so nice to be with my parents. We had lots of fun during our time there. We had a special visit with Sunny and Harry, went to the Zoo with our friends Kristi and Anna, Stone Mountain Park for the day with We-we, pool time with Papa and lots of fun visits with friends!
Here are a few pictures from our time in Georgia

I love this picture of us! Wright carried the map most of the time at Stone Mountain. He was very interested in where we were, where we were going and why! 

Fun Zipline at the obstacle course at Stone Mountain

 My sweet babies snuggling!
 Harry and Wright
Daddy wasn't too excited about Wright in a GT hat!
 Kate and Bennett getting sweet loves from Sunny (great grandmother)

This is the couch at Sunny and Harry's that everyone falls asleep on

Kate playing at Sunny's
Carousel at the Zoo

They love riding the jeep at We We and Pa Pa's; wright was fixing the engine
I just let Bennett sit for a minute; he is not allowed to ride with them quite yet!

We also enjoyed a trip to the mountains to visit Grannie! We had a great time with a day in Brevard including a trip to OP Taylors and lunch at the old fashioned soda shop! We also had fun playing at the waterfall, the awesome playhouse and swinging bridge, and loved making s'mores with Grannie!

We are now back in Charleston living on James Island until our new house is finished. Kate and Wright have started 3k at O'Quinn monday, wednesday and friday mornings, they started soccer (previous post) and Kate is back in her ballet class. We are excited about the new house, but I am also thankful for this time of transition. I was able to spend some quality time with family and we have learned to live outside of a comfort zone.